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AEM - F/IC-8 Fuel Ignition Controller

AEM - F/IC-8 Fuel Ignition Controller
AEM - F/IC-8 Fuel Ignition Controller
Windows basert tuning via USB! Plug and play.

AEM - F/IC-8 Fuel Ignition Controller
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The AEM F/IC controllers gives users with OBD-II race vehicles and non-factory forced induction systems the ability to retard ignition and deliver accurate amounts of fuel without the need for outdated FMUs or “boost hiding” controllers. This system works parallel to the factory ECU preventing tuning limitations due to complex factory timing patterns. 21x17 maps with configurable load and RPM breakpoints are easily accessed with the F/IC's Windows-based tuning software. The F/IC draws power from PC USB interface for quick and easy calibration changes.   Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. FI/C-8 Features 8 Injector Channels Advanced Injector Load Simulation & Filtering 5 Timing Channels (Cam + Crank) High/Low Voltage Selectable MAG-Driver Outputs TPS Input Map (0-5v Intercept) MAF (0-5v Intercept) Frequency Based Flow Meter Support * Speedometer Recalibrator * o2 Sensor Remapping External AFR Input 2 Generic 0-5v Remappers Boost Controller (Requires AEM 30-2400 Solenoid) IAT Logging Input PC Datalogging 2 MB Internal Logging Memory VTEC Output Control +12V Switched Output   Notes: * Can use either a frequency based flow meter sensor or the speedometer remapper but not both at the same time.

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